About the Director


Drama Camp started in 2002 thanks to Christy, Chris’s wife.  Chris had been teaching for a few years and worked in an outdoor day camp for many summers and was looking for “something to do with his time.”  Christy suggested starting a drama camp.  In 2002, they produced If the Shoe Fits with 20 cast members and 4 counselors. 

This past summer, there were over 250 drama campers and two locations with over 20 staff members.  Last summer’s Drama Camp shows included some great shows in addition to some popular books, fairy tales, puppet theater, news casts, and costume craziness at Drama Camp, and Jr. at Sunny Side.

In September 2008, Chris decided that it was time to start an after-school drama program in Mobile that allowed every child access to the theater and the stage.

This year, classes include music dance, & gymnastics in addition to classics like Improv Games, Bringing Books to Life, Costume Craziness, and Fractured Fairy Tales.

Join us for a year of exciting theatrical fun!

History of Drama Camp

& Sunny Side Theater

Chris with Joey & Matthew after painting eggs for Honk in 2009!

Name:  Christopher Paragone

Family:  Chris has been happily married for 20 years to his wonderful supportive wife Christy.  They have 5 sons named Joey, Matthew, Dominick, Anthony, & Charlie, and 2 cats named Sally & Murphy. Last Christmas, they added an adorable puppy, Belle to their family.

Experience:  Chris has been acting in shows since he was 17.  He is has a Master’s in Elementary Education, taught school for 10 years, and worked at Pine Hill Day Camp as a Head Counselor.